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Brunch and ticket

Brunch is served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Street Kitchen! (From 11:00 to 16:00)


Price before the fair (until 1.4.)

  • Brunch and ticket (adults) 35 €
  • Brunch and discount ticket 29 €
  • Brunch and Children`s ticket 20 €

Price during the fair

  • Adults 25 €
  • Children (7-15 years old) 12,50 €
  • Children (4-6 years old) 6 €
  • * no tickets included



Green shoot salad and raspberry vinaigrette D,G

Roasted root vegetables, bread cheese and honey L,G

Couscous-vegetable salad spiced with herbs L

Smoked eggs, shrimps and horseradish L,G

Salmon, potatoes and mustard seeds L,G

Roast beef and cold thyme sauce L,G

Bread and spread

* * *

Pea-swede patties, roasted beetroots and nuts L,D,G,Ve

Sausages L,D,G

Chili marinated chicken L,D,G

* * *

Selection of cakes

Marshmallows and sliced fruits

Coffee/ tea

L Lactose-free    D Dairy free    G Gluten free    Ve Vegan

Please, kindly note that the raw materials used in the restaurants may vary from the planned and therefore the product specifications and dietary labels published beforehand may differ from the final and correct information that will be given at the restaurant. Persons with allergies are advised every time to check the suitability of the offered food choices to their diet at the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.